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Dr. Michael O. Smith on the Big Island

Dr. Smith is a psychiatrist, acupuncturist, addiction specialist, and public health planner. He has recently retired from his position as director of Lincoln Hospital Substance Abuse Division where he served since 1974. He is known internationally for advancing acupuncture use for chemical dependency. More than 300 treatment programs worldwide use the Lincoln Hospital model. As chair of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), he has provided consultation to city, county, state, federal and UN agencies. His five-year study on the use of Chinese medicine in the treatment of AIDS has been published internationally. He is an assistant professor at NY Medical College and certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. In recent years, Dr. Smith has been providing support and consultation for projects ranging from HIV+ women in Ethiopia to prisons in India to psychiatric hospitals in Europe.

In the first week of November, Dr. Smith visited the Big Island, en route between conferences and meetings across Europe and on his way to speak at Five Branches University. During his stay he visited the Volcanoes National Park, the beach parks of Keaukaha, and attended several informal gatherings in Hilo and Puna.

Dr. Mike

Dr. Smith at TCMCH

On Thursday November 3rd Dr. Smith gave a talk at TCMCH. Attendees included people trained in the NADA protocol at Lincoln Recovery Center in New York, a former NADA US board member, and many potential community collaborators. Dr. Smith spoke on the history of NADA, healthcare education and delivery in the US and internationally, and the value of simplicity and bravery in these changing and challenging times. As one attendee said “Dr. Smith teaches us about the history of this medicine through his stories; the depth of his experience and the breadth of his perspectives are remarkable.”

His Associates

Dr. Smith enjoying fellowship after his luncheon.

  This page from the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii posted 11-23-2011.