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Aviso EURO-NADA Conference in Graz, Austria

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Dear Friends of NADA,
NADA Austria, one of Europe's newest NADA organizations, will host this year's Euro-NADA Conference on September 20. and 21. 2013, in Graz, the Styrian capital. We look forward to having you here to share with us lectures, panel discussions, video presentations - an exchange of ideas with NADA activists from all of Europe.
The conference, featuring 20 speakers from ten different countries (USA, Philippines, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria), will cover a wide range of NADA-topics: social psychiatry, detox programs, children with ADHD, the treatment of PTSD, addiction during pregnancy, a study on the sensitivity of the ears in newborns of addicted mothers - to mention a few.
In two panels we will discuss changes, amendments and innovations of the NADA-protocol:
1. What will be our strategy in countries in which non-medical professionals are not allowed to penetrate the skin, even if they received a thorough NADA training? This is the case in Austria. Can beads (magnetic pearls) be an alternative?
 2. Is it feasible to add music to the protocol, or to use moxibustion (like in Hungary)? There is one Austrian NADA group that complimented the protocol with background music. Michael Smith commented: "...any patients' choice in a popular acupuncture facility is worth listening to and perhaps contains special wisdom..." We will discuss different kinds of music and will present a study, whether music may aid the process of empowerment.
Special guest
Michael Smith, founder of NADA, will deliver the keynote adress.
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At the same time as our conference, Graz is hosting a huge cultural festival - Styrian autumn - with more than 600 activities, which attracted 52,000 visitors last year. This is another reason to stay a day or so longer in Graz, and a serious reason to register early and book a hotel now. Late comers might have difficulties finding a hotel close to the conference activities.
Don't forget: There is a reduced registration fee until Sept. 13
Information and registration:
With best regards
Thomas Ots, MD, PhD
Verein für NADA-Akupunktur Österreich (NADA-Austria)
Janet Paredes, Philippines

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