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Intention Tops Technique in Galway 2012

Dr. Mike Smith, NADA founder, and Jo Ann Lenney, RT from New York, traveled to Ireland in May to do another training – this time at the Galway Rape Crisis Center.

The training was held at a beautiful old country home, Killeen House, which was being used as a venue for meetings with various support groups. Mary Guckian, one of the managers at the house, told us that there were men working at the property that day who had mental and emotional issues, and she asked if we would give them a treatment. After the treatment, one of the men asked me, “When are you coming back?” I was glad to be able to say, “Tomorrow.” They came again the next day reporting that they had felt calmer and that they had had a good night’s sleep.

The trainees gave the treatments the first morning having had very little practice and knowing only two points – the Sympathetic and the Shenmen. Despite all that, the results were dramatic. And dramatic results were also noted in the way the students responded after giving the treatment and seeing how it affected the clients. They saw that their intention was more important than their technique

Mary, who said that it was no accident that we showed up on the day that she was working, joined in the training and easily caught up and was soon leading the group not only in point location but, more importantly, in the NADA spirit.  Along with another worker, she hopes to be giving the treatments at Killeen House on a weekly basis to start.  Her plan is to get others trained to make the NADA protocol more available to all the people who come to Killeen House.

Billy McCullough runs a weekly clinic in his community in Belfast and offers the NADA protocol there free of charge.  He came to Galway to complete his RT apprenticeship and already has been asked to do a training at a local youth forum.  Billy and two other RT mentees who came to Galway -- Leigh Stewart and Raymond McCambridge from Ballymena -- are working together to set up satellite programs in outlying areas.

Leigh and Raymond work at the Ballymena Hope Center with “at-risk” young people.  When Leigh first came to the Hope Center, he was addicted to both legal and illegal drugs.  He had trouble leaving his home because of paranoia and depression.  He told us that his first acupuncture treatment helped turn this around enabling him to attend group sessions and a 12-step program at the Hope Center.   Recently a 15-year-old boy, who occasionally came into the center, committed suicide – one of the first things Leigh did when he heard about the death was to take an acupuncture treatment himself. 

Raymond was in and out of the court system as a teenager.  He is hoping to learn more about Drug Courts so he can bring the NADA protocol there.  Raymond told us that now that he is doing the acupuncture on a more regular basis, he is noticing how many more ways it is helping people.  One of the things he learned at the training in Galway was not to be afraid to do the treatment -- he did not have to have “a head full of theory” for the treatment to be effective.  After starting their own recovery, Leigh and Raymond became volunteers and are now full-time youth workers.  They had already been trained in the NADA protocol and came to Galway to become RT’s and to learn as much as they could from the “source,” Dr. Mike Smith.

Orla McGuinness and Aoibheann McCann from the Galway Rape Crisis Cclass=MsoNormal They had both attended a NADA workshop two years ago and were already using the magnetic beads.  They attended this training with another counselor, Agnes Kelly, and are now treating the staff and volunteers at GRCC and have reported “great uptake and great response.”  They will be moving to larger premises in August and will then be able to offer the service to their clients on a regular basis -- although they do it now “as needed.”  Another one of the trainees from Galway is Maara Mulgrew.  She works at the Galway Community Action Network and is now offering the NADA protocol at a local youth services center.

Eléanore Hickey, Tommy Kielthy, and Rachel Peckham, RT’s from Switzerland, Ireland, and England respectively also attended the training/seminar.  They came to assist in whatever way they could, helping with technique and sharing their own stories.  Megan Yarberry from Hawaii had hoped to come to Galway for this event but sadly for us she was not able to make it.  Among other reasons, she wanted to attend because: “conversations with Dr. Smith are an inspiration and an education.  He shares tales of his experiences over the course of his rich life from SE Asia to Ethiopia, what to pay attention to when providing trainings in faraway places, how best to adjust treatments for diverse populations.  He is clearly a visionary who has given himself to an idea he believes in.  Fortunately for all of us, this vision is a crucial and useful tool for effecting real change in the world.  What an amazing man, and what an honor for us all to know him.”

From: Anne Henry []
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:53 PM
Subject: NADA Training in Galway

Hi Jo Ann,

Hope you and Dr Mike are well.  I just wanted to thank you for giving your time to deliver training to Leigh and Raymond.  Raymond has come back with confidence and is eager to carry on with his new found knowledge.  He felt he got so much out of the training sessions both on a personal level and a professional level.

Leigh also was excited and brimming with confidence at the prospect of making a difference to people’s lives through Auricular Acupuncture and improving their quality of life.  He has already organised training for our Gym Instructor and some volunteers.

Leigh felt inspired by Dr Mike and related to all Dr Mike had to say on a personal level, he feels that Dr Mike’s comments have helped him in his personal recovery.

This training will be a great benefit to all at the Hope Centre and to all who to wish to learn and take it to communities across Northern Ireland. Thank you and Dr Mike so much. Your passion, knowledge and understanding have certainly made a difference to Leigh and Raymond.

May your work continue for a long time to come.

Talk Soon,


Anne Henry

Centre Manager

Hope Centre

028 25632726